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“This is something we wanted to do before time ran out.”

~Ginger S.

You know how we always say we’ll write down our loved ones’ stories one of these days, but never have the time, energy, or resources to make it happen?   Life Story Book Services uses personalized interviews to create hardcover books that capture life stories for future generations–without those dozens of hours of work falling on you.

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There’s only so much time left.

You do your best to preserve memories of your loved one–filming videos, organizing photos, recording audio snippets, maybe writing down an anecdote here and there. 


Still, the majority of your loved one’s stories have only been passed down orally. And the sad reality is that your loved one won’t always be able to keep telling those stories. 


But when you’re trying to keep up with work life and family life already, you just don’t have dozens of hours left to make a legacy book for your aging family members. 


So your memories of their stories fade. 


Your disorganized pieces of memorabilia get separated and lost. 


You clean out the basement, saying, “This should be here somewhere…”

So many people tell me, “I wish I could ask my mom about that, but she has dementia now.” Or, “I wish we had recorded my dad’s story before he passed away.”


Will that be you in a few years?


It doesn’t have to be. 


Life Story Book Services exists to capture these stories in a way that takes the pressure off of you.


I interview older people over the phone or over Zoom, asking them a series of questions that will draw out their life stories.


That way, they don’t have to fill out a time-consuming questionnaire. They can simply have a conversation that will allow them to share what’s most important to them.


I take care of all the writing, editing, photo formatting, and printing for you.


All you have to do is send your photos, review the text, and tell me how many books to order.


Within just a few weeks, you’ll hold a completed project in your hands and flip through the pages of stories and photos.


You can read it with kids like a bedtime story, or with aging family members to refresh their memories.

Here's why people have decided
it's the right time for them:

[My family] wanted to have me capture my life story, especially after finding out that I was diagnosed with cancer.

Esther Z, Minnesota

After completing the Life Story Book Services process and receiving their books, Luke said, “The results far exceeded my already high expectations.”

Ginger said, “The product exceeded my expectations because the book was longer/had more pages than I expected and we got to add lots of amazing photos.”

Today, this is their message for you:



“This is a legacy gift that will be passed down from generation to generation, do it before it's too late!” ~Luke



“Do it!” 



“It's very valuable and can help your family feel more connected. It's a beautiful way to help someone in your family feel special, loved and celebrated.”

Don’t miss your chance to pass down stories with the power to impact generations of your family.


Booklet package

Maybe you need an overview of a loved one’s story that will highlight their most important life events in a quickly readable 25-page book.

couples package

Maybe you want to capture a couple’s stories to record both their individual lives and how their lives weave together. That would give you a book about 50 pages long.

biography package

Or maybe you’re ready to go all in and capture a loved one’s story in full color and detail, filling a 100-page book with irreplaceable memories.

Whatever your package,
in a few months,
you can hold a keepsake
that means your loved one’s story won’t be forgotten.

You and your family can say with Ginger,
“We're all really thankful for it.”


Maroon Graduation Set
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